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Bad Policy Choices Have Led to Growing Inequality

What’s normal? It was brought to my attention recently by a friend with teenage children that there is a need for that generation,  and perhaps even their parents’ generation to know...

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Provincial Leadership on a National Pharmacare Program

February 2, 2021 The Honourable John Horgan, M.L.A., Premier of British Columbia The Honourable Adrian Dix, M.L.A., Minister of Health Re: Provincial Leadership on National Pharmacare Program   Dear Premier...


Addressing Environmental Racism in Black Communities in Canada

For Black History Month, the Institute hosts a policy series highlighting bold policy solutions in order to tackle anti-Black racism, focusing on the need for intergovernmental action. Each submission proposes a plan...


New Report: Addressing Economic Racism in Canada’s Pandemic Response and Recovery

Arlene Reid. Bonifacio Eugenio-Romero. Joyce Echaquan. These are just three of the thousands of lives that have been lost during the pandemic, but in many ways they characterize who is dying. As...


5 reasons why higher carbon prices require stronger green industrial policy

Canada’s enhanced climate plan (released in Dec 2019) includes a gradually rising carbon price – to $170 per tonne by 2030. That’s a high price by international standards, which gives...


In Case You Missed it: Pandemic Policy Ideas

Over the course of the pandemic, staff at the Broadbent Institute have been putting forth policy ideas and commentary on how best to support workers; build back a fair and...


Wage Repression, Inequality and Economic Stagnation

Lance Taylor and Ozlem Omer have published an important new book, Macroeconomic Inequality from Reagan to Trump. A non-technical summary can be found on the website of the Institute for...


From the Desk of Ed Broadbent: Holiday Message

Greetings Friends, It’s been a long year.


Employer paid sick days are needed now

The federal government’s Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB) was always meant to be a temporary program to fill holes in workplace legislation. The time is right for implementing provincially-mandated, employer-paid...


Towards a Just Recovery

The Fall Economic Statement released yesterday is necessarily shaped by a high degree of uncertainty. Despite promising reports that we may have an effective vaccine against Covid-19 within months, the...