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The 2021 Federal Election and the State of Social Democracy in Canada

On the face of it, the 2021 federal election changed very little. The party standings remain almost the same, and Prime Minister Trudeau failed in what turned out to be...


The debate on taxing the rich is here to stay

As the smoke clears from election day and reveals a Parliament very similar to the last one, it’s easy to think that not much has changed. In many ways this...


Canada Health Act doesn’t stop public spending on private care, and O’Toole knows it

The current federal election has highlighted for me the difficulty of having a truly informative debate about health care in Canada. Of course some of the difficulty derives from the...


Conservative dismissal of clean economy future puts climate change and jobs at risk

Every party’s platform slogan speaks to the future they want you to believe only they can bring you. Liberals say, “Forward. For Everyone”. The NDP are “Ready for Better”. The...


Ed Broadbent's Message for Labour Day

Today is Labour Day.  This year workers were in our headlines much of the time for their service on the frontlines of the pandemic. To me though, the work they...


Reigning in Drug Prices, Before Pharmacare Slips Away

To the dismay of many, this election thus far has had little mention of pharmacare. The NDP has re-iterated their support for a universal, public program to start as early...


Engaging Young People in #Elxn44 and Beyond: Reversing the Trend

Young people in Canada are a political force. With under three weeks left in this snap election, there still remains an unprecedented opportunity for candidates and parties to engage young...

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Broadbent Institute Announces Jen Hassum as Executive Director

Ed Broadbent and the Broadbent Institute board of directors are pleased to announce Jen Hassum as the organization’s new executive director.


The Conservatives and Low-Income Working Seniors

Page 150 of the Conservative Platform promises to make work pay for low-income seniors. They propose to double the Canada Worker Benefit (CWB) to a maximum of $2800 for singles...


Agenda for an Election

This federal election must be about building a better Canada after the pandemic. The Broadbent Institute has set out a social democratic perspective to influence the political debate.  The crisis...