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A Wealth Tax is a Progressive Carbon Tax

The latest Speech from the Throne states plainly that “we cannot afford to wait” for action on the climate crisis.


The Historical Imperative to Get Recovery Right

Public sentiment about recovery efforts has largely shifted from cries over when we can ‘return to normal’ towards arguments about how to ‘build back better’. The recent Federal election helped...


Canada has a Healthcare Investment Problem

Political pundits deploy talking points about health care seemingly with frequency and ease. When we hear “medicare is unsustainable” or “public health care spending is out of control,” it is...


Social Justice and the Economics of the Minimum Wage

There has been ample media coverage of the well-deserved award of the Nobel Prize in Economics to Canadian David Card, in part for his work on the impacts of the...


Canada needs to demonstrate sincerity in its Climate Adaptation actions

The world climate conference soon taking place in Glasgow (COP-26) has huge challenges on its agenda. Principal among them are, first, securing the global goal of reaching net zero carbon...

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The Broadbent Institute Stands in Solidarity With Black Public Service Workers In Class Action Lawsuit

The Broadbent Institute supports a class-action lawsuit that has been filed in the Federal Court of Canada on behalf of nearly 30,000 past and present Black federal employees. The lawsuit...


The Role of Media in the Election Deserves Scrutiny

  The analysis of the 2021 Canadian federal election has been going on for a couple of weeks. Most of that analysis has been to the effect that it was...


The 2021 Federal Election and the State of Social Democracy in Canada

On the face of it, the 2021 federal election changed very little. The party standings remain almost the same, and Prime Minister Trudeau failed in what turned out to be...


The debate on taxing the rich is here to stay

As the smoke clears from election day and reveals a Parliament very similar to the last one, it’s easy to think that not much has changed. In many ways this...


Canada Health Act doesn’t stop public spending on private care, and O’Toole knows it

The current federal election has highlighted for me the difficulty of having a truly informative debate about health care in Canada. Of course some of the difficulty derives from the...